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How do you dispose of used razor blades safely?

We have the ultimate solution, BladeAway. BladeAway is designed for safely discarding used razor blades. Simply slip a used blade into the BladeAway unit and when Bladeaway is full just discard it for recycling.

BladeAway is a handy disposable solution for razor blade safety. Holds most types of razor blades.

This product line is currently for sale. Injection molds may be repurposed shortly. Contact info@a-innovations.com for more information.

Stop this Potential Hazard!
BLADEAWAY Advantages
  • Decreases Liability
  • Increases Safety
  • Blades are Contained from End of Use - Through Entire Waste Disposal Process
  • No Cuts On Home Owners or Children
  • No Cuts From Overstuffing Garbage Cans
  • Low Cost
  • Convenient and Easy to Use
  • Will Hold Most Types of Blades
  • Modularity Allows Use in Many Varied Situations:
    on belt loop, on a wall by the gabage, blade storage or work bench, in a toolbox, on the side of a desk, on or in a pouch, virturally anywhere you can mount a Velcro strip.
Available Colors
  • Black - OUT OF STOCK
  • Red
  • Transparent Red - OUT OF STOCK
  • Transparent Black - OUT OF STOCK
Bladeaway Colors
Packages & Options
Bladeaway Basic Package Contact Us
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BLADEAWAY BASIC PACKAGE: Bladeaway Unit, Patented razor blade disposal unit, each disposable unit comes with hook side Velcro glued on the back for quick and easy use.
Bladeaway Velcro Package Contact Us
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BLADEAWAY VELCRO PACKAGE: Bladeaway Unit plus loop side Velcro (1 ½"x1 ½" sticky back) Velcro to stick anywhere from a workstation to a leather pouch or belt, adding versatility.
Package 3 Contact Us
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BLADEAWAY BELT PACKAGE: Bladeaway Unit plus loop side Velcro (1 ½"x1 ½" sticky back) plus a nylon belt loop with loop side Velcro sewn right on, giving you many ways to add convenience.
Package 4 Contact Us
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