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Made with steel framework and extremely tough ruggedized ball tubes “Heavy Ball” hangs around a while! This extraordinary device utilizes 2, 4, 6, and 8 lb medicine balls and offers users a fun and unique work-out experience! The Heavy Ball is considerate of your floor space by adapting to several configurations, including a straight line, wrapped back on itself as in surrounding a building column, and the corner configuration pictured above. Priced reasonably Heavy Ball will be kind to your equipment budget as well.

The object of this fun interactive work out is to lift the medicine ball and move it to the top of the tube with the corresponding light on. When the weighted ball reaches the bottom of the tube, the user retrieves it and moves to the next light and so on. The player races the clock for the high score. The game motivates the user to lift the weighted ball from a low position to various heights while rotating the core and following the audio and visual cues. A tremendous lifting and aerobic workout ensues as points are allocated based on speed and the fun competition heats up!

More information can be found at www.fitinteractive.com.

3 Kick, Heavy Ball, & Jump Q have been purchased, and are now owned by StriveFit, LLC. A Pennsylvania company

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Heavy Ball

View an Interactive Demonstration of the 3 Kick, Heavy Ball and Jump Q below:


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