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Jumping up and down now has a new twist with the JumpQ. Designed to provide an incredible lower body workout, it also increases a users’ reaction time. The heavy duty steel construction and cushioned rubberized non slip tread platforms make it tough enough for everyone. Jump on the pad that lights and you’re off to the race!

Jump Q utilizes the fascinating exercise principle of plyometrics engaging muscles in an explosive routine to increase among other things, strength and vertical leap. Each jumping platform is set at a different level to add variety to the work out. A sound and a light will “Q” you to jump onto a platform with both feet, then every other time back to the base or center platform. Our proprietary circuit board will keep your score as you quickly and diligently execute your jumping form to the next illuminated platform. Jump Q is an exhilaratingly fun way to compete with your friends and work up a healthy sweat!

More information can be found at www.fitinteractive.com.

3 Kick, Heavy Ball, & Jump Q have been purchased, and are now owned by StriveFit, LLC. A Pennsylvania company

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Jump Q

View an Interactive Demonstration of the 3 Kick, Heavy Ball and Jump Q below:


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