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Small businesses typically contact us for a few different reasons:

  • They have a physical product they would like to develop to compliment their current business offering.

    This may be a Company wishing to create a piece of machinery or an additional product that will help their production or offering. But this development lies outside the company's comfort level to fully develop.

    This may be a Company that sells a non physical product or service wishing to add a physical piece of hardware or promotional item. This could be made of plastic, steel /alloy, fiberglass, wood, flexible material etc.

Consulting Services
  • They have a special project which needs a qualified individual, but they don’t want to bring on a permanent high salary, with its accompanying employee taxes, health & unemployment benefits etc.

    This may be a Company needing further research, wanting to undertake a new project for example but needing more information on the market, existing patent art, cost projections etc. before a decision can be made.

    This may be a new marketing or sales venue experiment. A company may have a solid customer base of their annual low hanging fruit, but are curious as to whether a certain market segment would be responsive to their offering.

    This may be a company with a short term project management need.

    This may also be a company with a product development oversight need.

  • They wish to have unbiased third party input on a particular company effort.

    This may be a company President or Director wishing to have someone under NDA give input having no company political tethering or future agenda motivations.

    This may also be a company officer wishing to have someone in meeting without standard company indoctrination, someone with new thoughts and fresh eyes.

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